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Maintenance and Repair Service

We are an Authorized Service & Warranty Center for over 45 major brands of Outdoor Power Equipment.  

Our certified technicians have decades of experience in preventative maintenance and repair services.

Maintenance, Repair and Warranty Service

When you leave your equipment with our shop for repair or maintenance, we require a deposit and repair pre-authorization. The deposit is $80 for all riding equipment and $40 for all other equipment. The repair pre-authorization is for up to $250 for riding equipment and $140 for non-riding equipment. If the repair work can be completed for under the pre-authorized amount or it is determined to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the mechanic will perform the work as quickly as possible and we will contact you when it is complete. The deposit will either be applied to your invoice or in the case of warranty coverage, refunded to you. If the repair is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and will cost more than the pre-authorization amount, we will contact you with a quote to complete the repair. If you approve the additional costs, we will perform the repair work, contact you when it is complete and apply the deposit to your invoice. If you decide not to approve the quoted cost of the repairs, the deposit covers the cost of the teardown and diagnostic services already performed, but does not cover re-assembly of the unit.

We ask that you provide a daytime phone number and an email address so we may contact you with any questions or notify you when your repair is complete.

See our Terms and Conditions for more detail.

Check on Your Repair

If you would like to check on the status of a repair (Shop Job), then please enter your Shop Job number and Phone number.

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